Re-excision operation

I didn’t feel anywhere as near as nervous going into hospital for this operation, as the third operation in as many weeks this was starting to get old hat!

I had been called the afternoon before by a lady to say I was third on the list and so I could go in at 07:30 instead of 07:00. Half an hour extra is a long time in the morning 😉

Pats took me to the hospital and we waited in the waiting room. After only about 10 minutes I was called through to see the nurse. Blimey that was quick! I felt bad for the people who obviously had been sat waiting for much longer than I had!

The nurse went through the paperwork with me – it was much quicker than last time as I’d definitely be out later that day. I then saw my surgeon and she explained what she was going to do – go back into the same scar again to remove the additional tissue. I asked her why there was a lump that felt hard there and she said it was because that’s where they’d taken the lump out and that there was a seroma there – a collection of fluid where they had operated. She said this was good because it also indicated to them exactly where they needed to go in.

I saw the anaesthetist who was a lovely Italian lady with a cheeky sense of humour. She said they’ve give me some paracetamol, I’d then go down to theatre where she would ask me the same stupid questions again – not because she’d forgotten the answers but to double check again who I am. She’d then give me some ‘champagne’ and off I’d go to sleep!

I sat back in the waiting room holding on to the extremely fetching embolism stockings they gave me. Pats and I sat together for a bit longer and then I was called back through. I kissed Pats goodbye and off I trotted.

I went through and got changed into my gown and slippers and thought I must not have too long to wait as after I’d got to this stage last time I’d gone through relatively quickly. I joined three other ladies who were already waiting. One of them would be called to go through, then another two new ladies would come and sit. This went on all morning and those of us who had been sat waiting the longest were getting really fidgety and tired. It was 10:50 and I was absolutely gasping for a cuppa!

A nurse came and got me and finally we went downstairs…to go and sit in another waiting room! Luckily I had a book with me (The Secret History of a Woman Patient) and had managed to get halfway through it and then at 11:30 I was taken through to the theatre.

I felt positively calm this time knowing exactly what was going to happen. As I lay on the bed the anaesthetist injected with my first glass of ‘champagne’, I felt it go in but it didn’t make me close my eyes. ‘Are you feeling sleepy?’ the nurse asked. No I was wide awake! They put an oxygen mask on me and then came some more ‘champagne’. I wasn’t getting tipsy on this today until she delivered the final shot and off I drifted.

I awoke in the recovery room feeling woozy, but ok. Not in as much pain as I had after the egg collection the previous Friday! The nice nurses kept constant checks on me and after a while I was bought tea and marmite on toast.. my favourite. The nurse must have loved marmite herself as it was slathered on thickly – just how I like it!

Darren came to get me a short while afterwards and I went home and slept right through until the evening.

5 thoughts on “Re-excision operation

  1. I clearly remember the day of my re-excision. I walked into the surgery room myself! I was not afraid. I hope you recover quickly and nicely from this surgery. And by the way, the pain I felt after harvesting my eggs was worse than the lumpectomy surgery. Ouch!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca, it was a much quicker recovery than the lumpectomy, although the scar now looks a bit more prominent than before as they went back in the old scar. I still have numbness down the side of arm on that side – did you get any continued numbness at all? I agree, egg harvesting pain was much more severe! xx


      1. Allie, yes I did! For a while too. There is also something else that develops that can last a while — forgot the scientific name for it, but basically there’s fluid that builds inside the breast after lumpectomies and it caused some pain and discomfort for me. My breast got swollen and depending on what kind of bra I used, I experienced soreness. Do not panic — this is all normal. Also, it may not happen to you.

        Did you get drains? I did not and I wonder if this created my issue. I am better now but to be honest I was dealing with it for 2 years. Ugh! And even now I sometimes feel pains.

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      2. Yes I have that too, it’s painful if wearing tight bras/clothing in that area. Am still in my comfy post-surgery bras! I didn’t have drains no. I think it’s also the healing process of the scar tissue too. Did you apply anything to your scar to help heal better? Xx


      3. Yes, the scar tissue causes pains. The only thing I applied to my scar was Aquaphor. Then when everything healed, I was advised to use lubriderm lotion on the entire breast, especially post-radiation (not during). I continue to use it everyday.

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