Happy birthday!

We should have been waking up in a lovely hotel room overlooking the twinkling waters of Pissouri Bay in Cyprus, looking forward to spending the day chilling out in the sunshine, sipping on cocktails and enjoying some tantalising food.  But unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be!

I was actually meant to go back to the hospital on my birthday to have my dressings changed, but having realised what date the nurse had organised I said I didn’t really want to be in hospital on my birthday, so she said I’d be okay to go to my doctor’s surgery to have the dressing changed there. Each day that went by I’d keep wondering what was lying underneath those dressings. How horrific was it going to look? Would it be a big scar? I’d gone to my local surgery the day before and luckily it didn’t look as hideous as I thought it would! Phew.

Despite the fact that our holiday had to be cancelled, and we didn’t have any plans to do anything crazy, my fab hubby did an amazing job of making my birthday very special. He brought me up a cup of tea in bed and whilst I got myself ready I could hear some noises going on downstairs with Pats calling out ‘Don’t come in the kitchen yet’. What’s he up to I thought?!

I came downstairs to find our dining table adorned with two huge silver balloons and lots of cards and presents were laid out on the table. It bought a tear to my eye it was so sweet of him. He knocked us up an amazing breakfast of eggs benedict washed down with some bubbles. Mmmm luscious!

IMG_9753I sat and opened all the lovely cards and presents I’d received – heartfelt messages bringing more tears to my eye. I had certainly been very spoilt.

A bit later on in the day the sun came out and we went for a little walk stopping in our local pub on the way. It was nice to be out of the house, although it felt very tender when walking, so we had to walk slowly!

We had a few drinks and some dinner and had a really fab afternoon together filled with lots of laughs and giggles.

IMG_9844 IMG_9847 IMG_9852 IMG_9853

I was really gutted we didn’t get to go on our holiday – but I still got to spend the day with my bestest friend ♡ which is all I’d really wanted – I was one happy bunny!

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