Pats and I went back to the hospital on the Monday for my mammogram scan. Although I felt less worried about the trip to there this time, I still felt anxious about the mammogram as I’d heard that it could be painful.  I tried to put this to the back of my mind, after all, I was pretty much at the back of the queue when big boobs were being handed out, so hopefully that would be of some benefit to me now.

My Mum had been having regular mammograms for some years and had said to me that whilst it wasn’t pleasant it’d be over very quickly. ‘Be brave’, she said.

The nurse there was really lovely and even commented on how nice my handbag was.  It was a Mulberry handbag that I’d found in a charity shop when we visited Bath last year (anybody who knows me will know I have a slight addition for charity shops!).  Lots of people have said how much they like it, and then I tell them where I’ve bought it and they’re astounded.  The nurse said she reckoned I shouldn’t tell people where I’d got it and should just take the compliment!

I then stood up against this machine and she helped me into position. She pressed a foot pedal and two large plates gradually came towards me and moved closer together squeezing my boob. ‘This isn’t too bad,’ I thought to myself.  Then she pressed the pedal once more and it squeezed that last bit making it feel really uncomfortable as she told me it would only be there for a few seconds. It wasn’t particularly nice but, like she said, it was over in a few seconds. She then did the other side. Phew, I thought to myself, feeling pleased it was done. ‘Right now we just need to do two more from a different angle.’ Bugger! Before I knew it I was back outside again with Pats.

When we  got back home that day we found a gift wrapped box of beautiful flowers on the door step from my sister-in-law, Laura, with a note to say they were thinking of me. It was such a lovely thought and after a few more tears at her kindness a smile came to my face.


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